About Orchadia Hats

Orchid flowers have been in cultivation for hundreds of years and they have many special qualities; durability, exquisite detail, a celebration of the best, intriguing colour combinations. Few other flowers can compare with their beauty.

Orchadia’s service & hats emulate these qualities and we travel far and wide to bring together a special collection of occasion hats.

Our Hats come from many of the leading designers including Emma B, Failsworth, J Bees Millibery, Peter & Suzanne Bettley, and Maddox & Whiteley Fischer.

Working from home, Liz is able to offer tailored friendly advice, to help her ladies decide on their unique look as she tailors to their needs and personality and provides all important wearing ‘know-how’. Styles and advice range from those which ‘cocoon’ you safely, to those which would be real head turners for a flamboyant trip to Royal Ascot.

We also offer trimming alterations & an expert fitting service – individual appointments allow you to relax, try on your outfits and look at as many different styles as you wish.

The Studio

Here is just a glimpse into the Orchadia Studio.

We look forward to welcoming you